Business Valuation

Find Out How Much Your Business Is Worth

Are you looking to plan your exit strategy or grow your business through acquisitions? Valuing a business is not an exact science. It's based on numbers and judgement, the current market, and other relevant information. Therefore, you need qualified professionals who have experience in valuing many different types of businesses. We can evaluate a company's financial position while considering a variety of external factors to determine an appropriate value.

Whether you are negotiating a merger, contemplating new shareholders, attempting to resolve issues associated with liabilities, shareholder equity, estate planning, marital dissolution, or looking to obtain financing, an objective appraisal can make the difference between loss and gain, success and failure. So before you make your next move, come in for a consultation.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Thinking about buying out a competitor or teaming up with a supplier? Make your vision a reality with guidance from the Hall CPA Group.
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New Business Formation

Thinking about starting a business? We can form your entity, budget your funds, even help market your product or service.
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Advisory Services

What's your five year plan? Are you ready to bring your business to the next level? We can help implement a growth plan that fits your goals.
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Financial Statements

Banks, investors and other third parties often require that a company's financial statements be compiled or reviewed.
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SBA Loans

Need funding for your business? There are many government grants and low interest loans available all the time. Get the process started now.
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Corporate Income Tax

Corporate income tax law is complex and constantly changing. File your corporate tax return right the first time with the Hall CPA Group.
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